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Stainless Steel Products
Stainless Steel Products

* A2 Stainless is often referred to as ‘Type 304’ and contains 18% Chromium, and 8% Nickel. Whilst it is suitable for applications in an outdoor environment, A2 stainless can tarnish over time. It is resistant to sterilising solutions, foodstuffs and inorganic chemicals, and is used extensively in the food production / preparation industry. 
A4 Stainless is often referred to as ‘Type 314’, and contains the same 18% chromium and 8% zinc, but with the addition of 2-3% molybdenum which provides the extra resistance and gives the ‘A4’ or ‘Type 314’ grade. A4 is often also referred to as ‘Marine Grade’ and has the very highest level of corrosion resistance.


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