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Space Plugs
Space Plugs

SPACE PLUGS are a REVOLUTIONARY TIME-SAVING FIXING with many potential uses. Primarily they are designed for fixing kitchen cabinets, thereby eliminating the use of metal brackets to fix the cabinets to the wall. This method of fixing also makes access behind the cabinet that much easier, as you can remove a single unit if necessary.
Click on the video to see how the SPACE PLUGS work.

Image for 3694B SPACE PLUG REG (PACK OF 10) c/w DRILL BIT(30-50mm) Product Code: 3694B
Image for 3695B SPACE PLUG LARGE (PACK OF 10) c/w DRILL BIT (45-80mm) Product Code: 3695B
Image for 3696B SPACE PLUG REG (PACK OF 50) c/w DRILL BIT (30-50mm) Product Code: 3696B
Image for 3697B SPACE PLUG LARGE (PACK OF 50) c/w DRILL BIT (45-80mm) Product Code: 3697B


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