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Dryline Wall Fixings
Dryline Wall Fixings

Dryline Pro Fixings are recommended as a means of securing heavy objects to a drylined wall.
Mark out and drill using a 7.5mm HSS drill bit, making sure that it is deep enough to take the Dryline Pro Plug (80mm minimum).
If the hole drills easily, then you probably have a soft insulating wall block behind the plasterboard.
If it does not drill easily, then you probably have a hard concrete wall block, in which case you should stop drilling and change to an 8mm Masonry drill.
Carefully screw the plug into the wall until it is flush with the surface. DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN.
Attach your fixture to the wall with the screw and optional screw cup provided.
WARNING: Check for cables and pipes before drilling.

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